I felt the absolute need and wanted to thank you for your valuable time in getting my sentence reduction. It is good to know there are people out there with such passion and dedication for the job, and care about the well being of others. I admire and respect your kindness and great heart. Please always remember that someone you know thinks the world of you and wishes the best for you in your life.
— From a client after Ms. Barth negotiated a time-served sentence with the government during his appeal in United States v. Leon Perez, Case No. 15-50001 (9th Cir. 2015)

In the last eighteen years, Michelle Anderson Barth has appealed many federal cases and has several published decisions.  Ms. Barth also dedicates a portion of her appellate practice to the service of the indigent accused.  Ms. Barth has served for many years on CJA Appellate Panels for the Ninth Circuit.  After moving to Vermont, Ms. Barth expanded her practice to include the Second and Fourth Circuits, serving as CJA appellate counsel in both.  For all clients, Ms. Barth brings zealous advocacy and a national perspective to federal appellate work.