HAPPY MONDAY!!! I will probably be the only one here excited to be at work on Monday! But of course, I owe it all to you guys!!!!! Thank you very much! I LOVE YOU GUYS...I EVEN MISS YOU 2!
— From a client found "not guilty" after jury trial in a drug smuggling and distribution case involving over twenty-three kilograms of cocaine. Ms. Barth was brought on as second counsel to prepare and try this high stakes case. See United States v. Zaragoza, Case No. 05CR2024, (S.D. CA 2005), Hon. Thomas J. Whelan

If this is your first federal criminal trial or you are simply a busy attorney who is a little short on time, Ms. Barth may be able to help you.  Ms. Barth has collaborated with dozens of attorneys over the years, as a federal public defender and in private practice.  As secondary counsel, she has prepared trials, researched motions, developed sentencing mitigation, and written direct appeals.  She enjoys collaborating with other attorneys and can take a primary or secondary role in any federal criminal case.   Please contact our office to discuss your needs and we can figure out how Ms. Barth can best help you and your client